Biosa & Water Aeration: Simplicity made Efficient

Water aeration is key to facilitating rapid growth of the bacteria colonies. This allows Biosa to rapidly increase its colonies which enables the Biosa organisms to out compete the detrimental organisms. Aeration also provides an aerobic environment which is much healthy than an anaerobic environment.

Water aeration with diffusion tubing.

water aeration sinking tubing

There are a few ways to aerate bodies of water, sludge, or slurries. The method I am familiar with is with the weighted sinking aeration tubing that is manufactures by Aquatech Environmental Systems. Using this method of aeration provides amazing results in fish farms. All the excess feed and excrement is biodigested, which not only provides a healthy environment but it also ensures fish health and growth is paramount. I have also used the tubing in manure slurries with great success. The applications for this tubing are endless…from golf courses to sewage plants to oceans….

Biosa Inc. offers a product called BioReco Vortex for water aeration. Below is a short video demonstrating how it works.