Introducing The BIOSA Product Line-Up!

Biosa Inc. products picture showing Equina Biosa in a 3 quart bib, Terra Biosa, Vita Biosa in 500 ml sizes

Vita Biosa, Equina Biosa and Terra Biosa the only triple fermented probiotic created for you, your horse, pets/livestock and your garden.

Scroll through the Biosa product line up below to find helpful information on these amazing products. I have provided many great reasons why this line of products is worthy of being a major part of a holistic lifestyle for yourself, livestock, pets, and the environment. I can not imagine my world with out the amazing benefits of beneficial bacteria.

I love to offer great pricing on all the products I offer. If you do not like the price you see, contact me and ask for Mona’s special deal.

If you would like to know more about how I got started with beneficial bacteria, please see Why Bacteria my story. My Chicken Story provides the background on how amazing beneficial bacteria to cell health. My chicken experiment was a pivotal moment in my life, a real game changer. I had no idea a chicken breast could remain in the fridge for 19 days and not have any signs of decomposition happening. Wow!

For the scientifically proven probiotic health benefits click here. I love scientific data. I love the fact that the scientific community has embraced beneficial bacteria and is recognizing the amazing health benefits.

If you would like to check out the founder of Biosa Inc. please feel free to browse the information on their two sites. This company is proudly Canadian and is a family operated business.

Equina Biosa for Horses showing before and after pictures of a horse


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