Vita Biosa 10+ The Why Behind The Chosen Strains

Our microbiome is a community that has evolved over millions years consisting of hundreds of thousands of bacteria and human cells living in an intimate dialogue that is 85% “good-for you” and 15% “not so “good for you” bacteria. This symbiosis is responsible for our health and is now gravely

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Authentic chicken.

My Chicken Story

Every now and then something happens in your life that is a pivotal moment. This is about that moment. Over 20 years ago, I was providing maintenance to several campgrounds on Vancouver Island and the mainland. One of the jobs that was ever so present every spring was cleaning out the pit

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young plant in soil with nature background

Why Bacteria… My Story

Many moons ago my life was introduced to the amazing powerhouses of bacteria. It all started when I was providing maintenance for several Forestry campgrounds on Vancouver Island. The pit toilets always smelled to high heaven and were piled high with excrement. Half the time the pumper truck could not

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For body and spirit

If you want to feel better and enhance the quality of your life, we can help. Our Biosa, Innotech Nutrition and Vollara products will boost your physical health and improve your state of mind.