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Image showing a 500 ml bottle of Terra Biosa. Terra Biosa was extended to create 30 liters of product to use for the animal husbandry in the presentationment, gardens, crops, soil, manure and water

Performing a Biosa Extension in 7 Easy Steps

Performing a Biosa Extension for either Vita Biosa or Terra Biosa is simple and cost effective. Performing a Biosa extension whether it be for Vita Biosa or Terra Biosa allows you to extend the original liter purchased into 20 or 30 liters of product that is ready for you to

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Build Your Own Composter

Single Wooden Unit Choose a 3’X 3′ square site for your compost bin. Use a sledgehammer to pound the four posts (2X4) into the ground three feet apart, at the corners of the square. Nail 1X6 wood to the posts, leaving two inches between boards. One side can be left

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Beekeeping With Biosa

 Beekeeping with Biosa There has been a lot of buzz about the plight of Honey Bees and Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) in recent years – and rightly so, as up to 1/3 of human food production depends on them. Honeycombe from a healthy hive. Top view of hive So what

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Invasive Weed Prevention

Invasive Weed Prevention Strategies  Preventing the spread of invasive weeds is necessary if we wish to preserve our native grasslands, riparian ecosystems, forests, and the abundance of animals which rely on these areas for their survival. Invasive weeds are spread by seed (wind, manure, self-disperse, and hitchhiking) and or underground

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For body and spirit

If you want to feel better and enhance the quality of your life, we can help. Our Biosa, Innotech Nutrition and Vollara products will boost your physical health and improve your state of mind.