How To Determine The Amount Of Compost Needed For A Given Area

To determine the amount of compost needed for an area (usually expressed in cubic yards or metres), measure the length and width of the area and multiply it by the depth of compost required (measure the length in feet x width in feet x depth in inches x 0.003=cubic yards of compost required). It is often hard to determine when enough is enough.

Therefore, measure carefully and apply the recommended amount to exactly the area designated and spread evenly before incorporating. Based on a

40 litre size bag there are approximately 19 bags in a cubic yard. A requirement for 1/2 a yard would therefore require about 10 bags.

Here are some suggestions:

*1 bag of Natures Gold Fertilizer will cover up to 40 sq. feet on established gardens. 1 bag will cover up to 200 sq. feet for top dressed lawns.

*1 bag of Lawn and Garden will cover 60 sq. ft when used for covering newly seeded lawns

*1 bag of Natures Gold Landscape Fertilizer Mulch will cover up to 8 sq. feet when applied as a mulch 2″ thick.