The clinic instructed by Bill Richey!!!! What an amazing experience – both for my horse and myself. The first day of the clinic I was scared stiff. I have a head injury, balance problems, knee replacements, and did not want to fall off or get injured in any way. My horse Gemini had just turned four and had not experienced any of the obstacles that will be in the clinic. Well, what the hay was I doing here?  My nervousness over not knowing what my horse would do was creating problems for us, especially me. My body posture clearly indicates my fear level and I had just had my knee replaced and it was not bending so I was unable to cue at all on the right side. I figured if I did the clinic even if I was too chicken to ride and just led my horse, at least I would know how he reacts etc…

I do not want to spoil the awe and simplicity of the clinic by going into detail, so all I’m going to say is two things.

1) I have no words to express the feeling of accomplishment for myself and the pride in my horse at the end of the clinic when we were riding over all sorts of obstacles, the noise from sirens, trains, whistles, trucks, noisy backfiring tractors, a Kenworth tractor truck, and a helicopter. Not to mention all of these obstacles surrounding us while riding through fire and smoke safely.

2) Absolutely, anyone who owns or rides a horse should attend this clinic.

Happy Trails,