Partner up workshops

Would you like to feel safe and happy with your horse again?

Partner Up is a 30-hour online, intensive workshop for anyone who wants to build a better partnership with their horse. It offers you step-by-step guidance and support that allows you to increase your awareness and understanding of your horse. 

Do you recognise this?

  • You feel like a failure and so you keep putting things off with your horse
  • You feel overwhelmed with all the things you are supposed to do and because you are trying to do them all, you can’t find anything that works
  • You feel judged by other people because you experience these issues with your horse and so you get more and more afraid to work with your horse while there are other people around
  • You feel frustrated and angry so you often blame your horse when things are not working out
  • You experience problems with your horse that makes you feel lost without a clue where to begin, so you keep being stuck in the same circle

If you can answer at least one of these with a “yes” then, please, keep reading. 

Partner up horse workshop

This is where the Partner Up program can help

Frame of reference and judgement a picture of 2 black horses greeting one anohter wiht a picture of a human superimposed

Think of it this way: if you want to have a strong, cohesive congruent relationship with your horse, you have to get to know each other, learn how to support each other, and bring out the best in each other. It’s an equal, two-way street. You have to make each other feel that, no matter what, you’ve got each other, you’re safe.

That is the essence of what we teach in our Partner Up Workshops. They are for anyone looking to change how they currently control/manage their horse’s behavior. They are for anyone who wants a better understanding of themselves and how their horse interprets their language. They are for anyone who wants to know what their horse is saying. They are for anyone who wants a clearer concept of energy (humans and horses) and how to use that energy. They are for anyone who wants a confident, willing, go-anywhere horse that is an extension of their own body and mind.

About Mona, your instructor

Horses are a vital part of Mona’s life. Mona’s relationship with horses began the moment she was able to walk. From then on every free moment was spent with horses.

Mona is most at home when she is with horses whether that be cleaning the stalls, riding bareback out on the trails or in remote country, or as a hired outrider for the Gold Rush Trial Ride.

Riding bareback has taught Mona the importance of balance with a light hand in creating free movement, balance, congruency, and willingness in her horse.

Mona’s health journey has given her a unique perspective and a strong understanding of the importance of being present, free of judgment, and patient, and how the human is the key when connection is to be realized.

From a young age, she found her empathetic nature always trying to make things better for horses and this led her to the realization that she, as the human, was the key. Using her energy, curiosity, visual acuity and awareness, she learned to decipher what horses were saying.

Her empathetic nature also houses a warrior goddess that seeks inner peace, energetic congruency, and worth, not only for herself but for all she comes into contact with.

Feeling seen, felt, heard, and understood are integral to “worth” for both horse and human. Safety is only realized once worth has been established.

Mona’s strong desire for congruency and to give worth and inner peace are the defining factors for giving the horse a voice by teaching others how to connect and communicate with horses. Through her Partner Up workshops, she now uses this fluency to teach others how to better connect, communicate and attain anatomic congruency with their horses.

Who is this for?

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Who is this not for?

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What is the transformation people will go through

The transformation people

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What is included?

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