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Partner Up

Partner Up is a three-day, intensive workshop for anyone who wants to build a better partnership with their horse. The workshop is introductory – humans only at this stage. It offers participants step-by-step guidance and support that allows them to increase their awareness and understanding of their horse.

Think of it this way: if you want to have a strong, cohesive relationship with your horse, you have to get to know each other, learn how to support each other and bring out the best in each other. It’s an equal, two-way street. You have to make each other feel that, no matter what, you’ve got each other, you’re safe.

That is the essence of what we teach in our Partner Up Workshops. They are for anyone who wants a better understanding of themselves and how their horse interprets their language. They are for anyone who wants a clearer concept of energy (human’s and horse’s) and how to use that energy. They are for anyone who wants a confident, willing, go-anywhere horse that is an extension of their own body and mind.

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Partner Up Workshops are hosted by Berkana founder and owner Mona Illerbrun. They’re held at Berkana, 65 kilometres northwest of Quesnel, B.C., at 5553 Blackwater Spruce Road. Mona also has Partner Up Workshops scheduled for the following dates and locations:

The above schedule is tentative, based on possible COVID-19 restrictions. The cost for the three-day workshop is $300.

Partner up horse workshop
Frame of reference and judgement a picture of 2 black horses greeting one anohter wiht a picture of a human superimposed

What to expect in a Partner Up Workshop

Kind words from our attendees...

Be what your horse needs in every moment

Good horses don’t happen by accident, they’re created. If you want to be in perfect sync with your horse for smooth, effortless riding, reserve a spot in our Partner Up workshop.