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Dosages: a picture depicitng chickens, goaats, sheep, cattle, pigs, crops with a bottle of Terra Biosa being poured into a measure cup

Dosages: Natural Solutions for Everyday Problems!

Dosages and the applications for natural solutions using Vita Biosa, Terra Biosa, and Bacta-Pur XLG for improved health of livestock, crops, gardens, water bodies, compost, pets, fish hatcheries/tanks, septic systems, and lagoons and so much more…. The dosages are not set in stone, feel free to adjust accordingly to your

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Compost Bin picture showing trench composting, barrel composting, pallet compost bin and wire compost bin

9 Easy Ways To Build A Compost Bin

A compost bin offers a simple solution for turning waste from your kitchen, yard, and garden into healthy, nutritious, living soil. Living soil is filled with a robust, diverse communities of beneficial microbes. These microbes are responsible for the nutrient uptake of plants and as well they also build relationships

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For body and spirit

If you want to feel better and enhance the quality of your life, we can help. Our Biosa, Innotech Nutrition and Vollara products will boost your physical health and improve your state of mind.