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Equina Biosa and a picture of my horse Gemini who is a big bay quarter horse

Equina Biosa – A Miracle in a Bottle

Equina Biosa Gave My Horse Story a Happy Ending Equina Biosa is the reason my horse is still alive. December 2, 2014 he severed his medial digital artery. At that time, I did not have a phone, nor a way to get him to the vet. The closest vet was

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Partner Up workshop Logo depicting a horse and human head touching at the forehead with the words Trust, Honesty, Acceptance and Willingness inside a magical crystal ball

Snippets of my crazy Heebie-Jeebies FEAR journey

The plan to dwindle the heebie-jeebies started when we moved to10 acres in the Blackwater Valley in the middle of no where and yet the hub for everywhere. We are surrounded by large farms, and an abundance of heritage trails, history and beauty in an area that is over 50

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