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Mona's Testimonials a picture with a brown frame and a herd of excited running horses

Testimonials: Mona’s # 1 Favourite Products

Products I use everyday and worthy of my Testimonials In my journey through life I have always been amazed at the myriad of products and testimonials available. Some worthy, some not. For me to give a testimonial on a product, it does not come easy. My integrity is super high,

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Equina Biosa and a picture of my horse Gemini who is a big bay quarter horse

Equina Biosa – A Miracle in a Bottle

Equina Biosa Gave My Horse Story a Happy Ending Equina Biosa is the reason my horse is still alive. December 2, 2014 he severed his medial digital artery. At that time, I did not have a phone, nor a way to get him to the vet. The closest vet was

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picture showing a 500 ml and 1000 ml glass bottle of Vita Biosa Triple Fermented Probiotic Drink

Vita Biosa – Probiotic: Fact or Fiction?

Is Vita Biosa probiotic the answer? We hear probiotic this and probiotic that, how do we really know truth from fiction? What makes a good probiotic? More importantly do you really need them? I believe the answer is a big yes. All the experiments I have done over the years

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food sensitivity, intolerance and allergy depicted by a bushel of wheat with a caution tape running across it

Help for Food Sensitivity and Allergies

What exactly is the difference between a food sensitivity vs intolerance or allergy? With the introduction of GMO/Glysophate/Insecticides and nutrient depleted soils digestive disturbance/disease is on the rise. The inability of the digestive system to absorb/access nutrients has shown to decrease life span and increase the likelihood of secondary diseases,

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For body and spirit

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