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Brain Injury and My Amazing Healing Method

Amazing Benefits of HBOT for Traumatic Brain Injury Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is not new. HBOT has been used in many countries for over 50 years to successfully treat many different health conditions such as wounds, cardiovascular conditions, neural plasticity and re growth, dementia, stroke, oxygen deprivation/circulation disorders, PTSD, PTSS, anti-aging

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Health Mona;s struggle to beat the odds

Health: Beating the Odds

Health on my terms I have never been one to let another decide my fate or outcome.  I listen carefully, ask questions, and ask for proof.  Once I get home I start doing my own research and decide on my course of action. I take my health very seriously because

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HBOT Solving the Brain Puzzle written by Dr. Bill Code

My Amazing HBOT Journey

I first learned about HBOT in 1999 when I attended a talk in Victoria, BC. The presenters presented all sorts of info regarding its effectiveness for brain trauma. I stayed behind to discuss my case with the doctors and they told me that it would not be of any value

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